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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A random titled.
You made my day. (:
Met up with emily,yihong,leonard & his friend at far east today.
Finally had KFC for lunch, how great is that. I am like going to put on weight .! I hope not,
Shopped around, and the decisions of which vest hadnt make up my mind yet.
Give me some comments should i get a normal black vest or ratheer a demin jean faded one.?
Aftermaths,head-ed back to hougang with leonard!
Head-ed to mall have dinner with mom, while he went to interchange then,.
Had Cafe cartel . Is yummmy tho.
Club sandwiches (: ham&egg&cheese.
Then head-ed over to granny place.
Wanted to have a rest, yet my sweetie pie burge me for cam-whoring with her.
So here it goes, take a lloook.! (:

Goodnight readers,


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