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Friday, May 22, 2009

Large photo album ahead.

Hey everyone.
As promise a large album of photos!
Caution, it might hurt you pretty eyes! xD
Behind the scene.
(Make up artist at work, dolling the prettys gladys & tracy up)

(Oh mine !, They look awesome)
(wig,temp perms. The mature look)
Behind the scene.
(we got bored of it, went to the changing room to cam-whore like mad)
(still cam-whoring like nobody business..)
(Mom say this few pictures look hell great, &
will attract perverts in facebook if i upload in there.
HAHHA. What a joke. I aisnt any pretty girl. I am just a simple girl next door.)
Ps/: Hey friends/readers/bloghopper.
this post is just the behind scene.
Till the my shoots photos are ups, i will upload in here.
So stay tune. (;


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