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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

shag shag look i had after the end of of the whole of today.
oh well, i had my o level chinses oral today,
went to back to PL as a private candidate. Well, honestly speaking
i dont feel really nervous or something. But is as though i am back at PL again.
PL is a place i will never ever forget, it holds all my happy memories with my past cliques =)
Is like a feeling that i am back home, life in PL wasnt that afterall.
well, guess who i saw in PL then? Is Mrs teng ,Adora and Ms teo ! =)
oh well, was kinda of shocked to actually bump into them, was happy then.
slacked in the canteen while waiting for the time to past.
glance through the whole school canteen, it brings back the memories of
how me n my ex-girlfs use-ed to played ,eat , had to do dentention in the canteen.

Soon after, oral started.
It was a long wait till it was my turn.
Expected it to be a very hard oral, but it didnt turn out to be. =)
i guess, lady's lucks is good on my side again. =)
Didnt get the hard one, just the medium kind.
Is an soso oral. not that hard nor not that easy. Just fine =)

Aftermaths, bus-ed down to amk hub to meet up with boyf, michelle and felix.
ate Mc cafe cheese cake for lunch, is yummy =))

then chat-ed awhile at macdonalds then head-ed to amk hub .
Went walking round and round till we are bored, then train-ed to boyf's house. =)

A half an hour ride,time passes so fast whenever boyf sat train with me. =)
Soon after we reached, went up to his house.
Michelle and me use-ed his laptop while the guys play-ed around with the badd guitar. =)
Soon after andy, came back with his brand new handfone. Is rather a cool one. =)

Next, after teaching michelle how to make a blogskin.
Next, the both of us did the group blog together, as andy keep pestering. laughs*
our group blog template is done by us, but is temporaly , still in the midst of doing. HAHAS! xD

Next, Me and Michelle are getting bored. so we decided to snap afew shots of the guys.
scroll down ! =))

now is the girls turn to snap snap xDDD

Aftermaths, me,michelle and felix cabb-ed back home . =)

angeline: girlf ,come my work place work la .ahiyos.
gladys: i am not sure will you see this, but if you ever see it i hope this would cheer you up. though i am not too sure what had gotten over you, that makes you so moodless. But remember that bestist will always be there for you, just like how we use-ed to be like in secondary school. you are right, we qurrale or pick at eachother at times, but we knew we never meant it. at the end of the day we still make it up, you have always been a good girlf, a good bestist to me.whenever i need-ed you ,you would be there. well, now you are in this state, i hope this message will cheer you up. =) remember, i am always a phone call away. =))) take care =))
michelle: HAHS! you addicted to my song liaos!


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