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Monday, July 7, 2008

woke up early this morning,
despite that i slept late last night.

Chatt-ed with michelle and andy last night,
Thank goodness to the both of them, killed my boredness.
laughs*, had really fun chatting with the both of them. =)

Well, met up with some friends at yishun, slack-ed awhile with them.
Then went to meet up with boyf at yishun mrt stat,
next head-ed to boyf house to slack alitle while there.
Play-ed audition while waiting for miowlin.

At 5plus, head-ed to yew tee mrt station to wait for her.
Train-ed down to aljunied, in the midst of train-ing down
boss call-ed us up. telling us we dont have to work today,
So we train-ed back.
I train-ed to amk hub while miowlin went back to her friend's place. =)
Saw xuehao at hub, went walking round with him awhile, then head-ed back home. =)

angeline: girlf now got job liaos, must take good care ya =)
lydia&tracy&kimberly: will meet you up soon =)))
gladys: meet up soon. =)
miowlin: take care. =)
michelle: no need to keep thanking me for the blog, is nothing. thats what friends are for =)
boyf: i hope we wouldnt qurrale as much as before. =)


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