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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a wondeful day, i had. =)
michelle stay over-ed at my place last night.
Oh well, we woke up quite early today, prepar-ed myself
then cabb-ed down to fetch gladys ,lastly head-ed to michelle house.
Waited for michelle to prepar-ed and gladys to do her make up.

Once we are done, we cabb-ed down to Ang Mo Kio hub.
Met up with andy,boyf and felix at K-pool. =)
Watch-ed them play-ed, while the girls talk among themselves. =)

Aftermaths, accompany-ed michelle to her workplace.
And we settle our dinner there too. =)
(Here's what i have snap)

Then, cabb-ed down with the rest to Bishan Junction 8.
While boyf accompany-ed me to shopping, the rest head-ed separate ways. =)

Whew! What a shopping day ,i had.
Brought 1 make up pouch and a transparent tote bag from m)phosis,
one top from the box, and a spagetti and short both from purpur.
yupps. =))

Got to save more money to buy somemore clothes and flats. =)))


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