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Thursday, July 3, 2008

wait-ed for this one month for so dame long. hees, this one month didnt come easily, despite the tiffs and disagreements we had.we still make it up in the end. well, being with you ,i never did regrets instead i find out that i am deeply in love with you right now. yupps.iloveyou,honey =)

i enjoy the whole of today seriously, get to spent time with boyf and have fun together. YEAH!
hees, =)) . spent our 1month at sentosa today.
well, some may think it was boring. nope, i dont think so.

well, one first stop of the day at sentosa is at :
is boring for some, but for me i really enjoy.
is been quite some time since i last went in there.
they have this new corner ,guess what it was?! xD
is for the STINGRAY(s).

i swear they are dame cute and NAUGHTY! =)
plan to touch it, but chicken out in the end, but boyf did touch it.
boyf comments thats is silky, i was feeling so tempted to touch it, but still scare.
COWARD me! >< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);"> Angel Fish ,is definatly cute! xD

and the rest are the common ones eg:-clown fish,etc..

Oh yahs, capture the JellyFish too,dame cute! xD

Next,we went to grab a bite at the food push carts, the food ther,wasnt that bad at all too. =)

After eating, head-ed for the sky ride.
i was dame scare at first,
held on to boyf hands so tightly that could even feel my palm is sweating!
Though the ride is scary but the sceneary of the whole sentosa is really Beautiful....

After the ride, we left sentosa and train-ed to boyf place.
Reach-ed ther not long later,Flexi ,michelle and meow was ther too.
so the guy play-ed their dota . while the girls does the girls chit chatting and gossips.
laughs*, i definatly enjoy being with them. =)
Aftermaths, cabb-ed home =).


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