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Thursday, July 17, 2008

An superduper tired day , i had. =/
Woke up superduper early this morning,
get prepar-ed and head-ed to peiling house.
Wait-ed about 2hours for her to get ready, then catch the shuttle bus
down to puggol plaza. Went there to work, i swear! the job was tough and tiring.
But the best aprt was slacking, just have to move 500 over cartons of coffee pack , re-arrange it in the room thats all. =)
Grinns* , well i earn 33buck for today.
Gosh~! Have to find a new job soon, if not i am going broke.
Aftermaths, Meet up boyf at Angmokio hub,
Plann-ed to town withh him, but due to his laziness,
our date venue ending up at angmokio hub(that BORING place) !
Oh yahs! Guess what?!
I receive a call from a long lost friend.
Guess Who Was it!
OH GOSH! is about 2 to 3year since we last contact.
Out of the sudden, i had some memories flashback,
to the times we have the toot-head-ed , the times where the 6 girls often hang out,
chit-chat about the nonsense.Well, afterall i still miss the old school days with the girls =))
Sometimes, i happen to wonder will this day be back again.....
Well, after walking/strolling afew rounds in Hub,
decided to head to boyf's place. =)
Went there to nap, while he gam-ing. grrrr~
(guys will always be guys).....
Aftermaths, cabb-ed home=)
Boyf: i want you to know that, at times i didnt meant to qurrale with you.
I just need some assurance that you would still be there..... =)
Angeline: relieve to know you didnt hate me, but the trust for the friendship wasnt there at all..till today i finally realise.......
Michelle : Thanks darling! for cheering me up =))


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