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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

turn another year older already, oh well.mummy you are the bext mummy i ever had,despite our qurrale,disagreements&tiff,we still make it up at the end of the day.i wish you a blessed birthday =)

woke up late today, mum and aunt applied off day for today. =)
next, head-ed to bugis for lunch. ate at the chinses resturant at bugis junction.
it's taste as good as ever.

Aftermaths, stroll along bugis jucnction, and guess what i saw?!
The Push-carts for HELLOKITTY is back. woohoos.
yeahs! xD and i got a HELLOKITTY KEYBOARD. hees =))
Oh well, planning to get the hellokitty mouse and webcam soon. hees =)

Next , train-ed down to amk hub to meet up with boyf,
and brought a birthday cake from crystal jade.Then
cabb-ed down to parkway to meet up with mummy and the rest. =)

Lastly, head-ed to Chinses Swimming club with mummy and the rest and boyf too.
went there for dinner, ate sandwiche for dinner. then celebrate mummy 's birthday.
lastly, play-ed half a game of bowling, while the rest play-ed 2games. =)

Aftermaths, went to marine parade to eat durian xxD

then cabb-ed home =)


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