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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WHEW! ><
Just came home not long ago.
dame shag today.

Oh well, went for street surveyor interview today.
lucky, i pass-ed. =)
starting my part-time job tomorrow. =)

Oh well, met up with angeline and her love at chinatown
head-ed for the interview.
Next, met up with boyf at amk hub with angeline and her love.
And tracy was there too.
Then, head-ed to macdonalds to have my meal, while the rest kept staring at me.

Aftermaths, all of them left.
While boyf and me train-ed down to orchard.
Walk-ed to SHAW ,LIDO to catch a movie.

thumbs up for KUNGFU PANDA . =))

Aftermaths, train-ed down to choachukang to find meow.
had a long nice and fun chat with her.
oh well, is been so long since i chat with someone like this,
talk my heart out. nothing to fear about. =)
then, cabb-ed home. =)

boyf: honey, i am home now, dont worry la. ahiyos. =) i miss you.
emily: i have invite you here already =)
angeline: laughs* . you and your boyf dont anyhowanyhow hor! xD
meow: hey pretty , dont think too much yea =) , rmb i am just a call away.
things definatly will get better if you do wht i say . =)


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