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Friday, June 20, 2008

woke up early this morning,
cabb-ed down to boyf house with boyf. =)
after half an hour, we reach-ed his house.
play laptop awhile, then hit the pillow and sleep till late noon. =)

next, met up with kimberly and lydia at chompchomp .

ate chicken wings for dinner. xDD

it tastes as good as ever. *smacksmack* **YUMYUM**
next, bus-ed back home. =)

boyf: i miss you ,honey. =))
lydia: sorry la, accidently hit your head! ><
last long with gerald uhs =)
kimberly: let's not qurrale over him anymore, well wht lydia sya was true.
he wasnt worth our qurrale.
girlf: if you get to visit my blog, see this message.
i hope you are still fine getting along well. i hope you lastwith your boy.
takekares =)


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