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Saturday, June 21, 2008

is S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y today !!! xD

oh well, met up with emily at tampines mall today.
then cabb-ed down to east coast MANAMANA.

had a drink at the lagoon food center before heading to our

well, learning on how to protect your skin and stuff like that.
had refreshments too.

well, really did enjoy the fun.
we even made some new friends too . =)
Ands, there are small goody bag for each to bring home.
the goody bag includes :
-T-zone Cleansing Peel-Off Mask
-Double-Cleansing Gel
-Za Eyebrow shaping voucher
-Amore Complimentray One Day Fitness Pass
-Amore Stick-on Note Pad

aftermaths, we cabb-ed down to tampines mrt station.
then train-ed down to get tickets, as i brought to tickets
to a band gig.

suprise that i even went to band gig.well, seriously speaking i am not that interested at all.
just that boyf likes it thats why i went there. =)
In the midst of the gig, we were both feeling rather bored ,and so we decided to leave.
then head-ed to marina square.
met up with lydia and her boy gerald, emily and junjie.
well, it seems like a triple date thing.
laughs* . oh well, have dinner at Burger King together.
then train-ed back home with boyf,
he is staying over tonight again. =)))

lydia: last long with gerald ya. =)
emily & junjie: cherish each other =)


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