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Thursday, June 19, 2008

today is my dearest boyf birthday. =)
oh well, woke up late this morning,
met up with boyf at habour front,
get our tix and sat the tram to sentosa.
drop at the beach station,
boyf 's twin brother and friends was there too .
oh well, the whole trip was fun though.
just that boyf and i had some sunburn.

it's definalty painful,i swear! =X

next, we train back to vivo after hours of tanning, and playing under the sun.
had kfc for dinner. =)
aftermaths, we the girls went to the pet's lover centre & daiso to shop for alittle awhile.
next, while the guys was buying the movie tix.
we went to this candy shop. is not candy empire.
but C-A-N-D-Y S-H-O-P .
i swear is definatly every girl's dream if candy shop.
The color of the shop is actually pink in color, what's more?
It has varity of sweet and chocolate.
They have the POPCORN and CANDYFLOSS machine too.
BUt, sadly,unfortunately, both the POPCORN and CANDYFLOSS machine is closen already.
so each of us the girls brought a packet of CANDYFLOSS instead.
well, happy to say that is definatly worth the price for paying.
Plus is cheap and taste heavenly. it isnt those pa-sa-ma-lum kind.
But this CANDYFLOSS definatly melts in your mouth. Is mouth-watering. xD
What's more, is doesnt even taste sweet till you have to gulp down lots and lots of water kind, but is just those that is neither too sweet or too bland.

aftermaths, we head-ed to catch our SHAOLIN GIRL.
oh well, the show wasnt too bad at all. At first, i thought it was some kind of a boring one.
but, glad to say is not that boring . is not too bad ,i say.

lastly, boyf is staying over tonight again.
happy is what i am feeling . =)
well, get to spend time together again. =)


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