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Monday, June 16, 2008

woke up at 7am this morning, woke boyf up too.
then cabb-ed down to grandma house.
as we are still feeling tired, the both of us head-ed to room to sleep again.
we sleep till 2pm, then eat our kwee kuay and drank our coconut drink
then cabb-ed down to boyf house. waited for him to bath, then head-ed to
marina square. it a date with boyf today. a happy one, i say. =)
is been so long since we didnt even get to spend time together alone.
well, in fact i am happy already.
i get to spend the last few days with boyf and my loveds ones too. =)
well, went to shop with boyf today at marina square.
walk-ed round and i cant find what i want, instead boyf brought a formal top.
aftermaths, we went to starbuck. order-ed a chocolate frappe and new yoke cheese cake.

then chatted awhile, aftermaths walked awhile on the outside then,
mummy came along. we had kenny roger's for dinner together.

miss the cheesy marcoroni so much, it stills taste as yummy as ever. *smacksmack*
aftermaths, honey send me n mummy to taxi stand then train-ed home. =)

boyf: honey, this days we spend together like there was no tmr, thanks for hugging me to bed, being there for me , lend me a shoulder to cry on... i aprreaciate that alot. i cherishe you ,boyf.
girlf: i am not sure would you be able to read this, but for whatva that happen, i still treat you as my girlf. oh well,i hope you lead a happier life then.takecares.
lydia: thanks for being there for me too, we gone thru so much together, thru the rain n storms, we might qurrale at times, but still patch up after awhile. thanks for being there for me.
gladys: meet up soon. =)
noven: thanks for being my good listening ear all this while =), last long with joanne.
junjie: thanks for being there for me. =)
emily: dont brood over wht she had said. just rmb, now jj is your boyf . you got to trust him ya.=)
kimberly: i dontknow what elsa i could say further.


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