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Friday, June 13, 2008

well, woke up early this morning,
prepared various favour for my sandwiches,
then boil-ed my hot dogs.
aftermaths, packed them up.
then met kimberly at mall. =)
aftermaths, bus-ed down to pasir ris.
met up with boyf there, then cabb-ed down to pasir ris park.
soon after we reach-ed, but had a very long walk-ed before we reach the place of
our picnic.
WHEW! after much walk-ed ,finally we reach-ed. =]
saw junjie,emily,kaiwen and chopper there.
then slacked at the bench, eat the sandwiches i and junjie make.
then i got some shots of them as well :

aftermaths, we felt alittle boreding, so all of us write our wishes in a piece of paper.
then drop it in the bottle, then throw into the sea, yeah. i know it sounds stupid.but is kidna of cute though.

next, play-ed with boyf hair. tie-ed his hair up too.
i swear he look oh my mother fcuking cute! =))
then tie-ed up junjie hair too, looks kinda od cute cum retard too.

aftermaths, we all pack-ed up and head-ed to e-hub,
then bus-ed back home.


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