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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hohos xD
1 more day to boyf birthday, grinns* . (:
well, came home quite early tonight,
actually intended to surprise boyf with a cake at his door-step,
when the clock strikes 12 tonight, but i guess somehow he was tired.
so i didnt went to his house then.

oh well, met up with gladys ,emily and junjie at far east.
shop nearly the whole day just to get a top/dress.
after rounds and rounds of browsing thru the clothes,
i decided to buy a mini dress from MAX and MORE.
aftermaths, walk-ed around again.
soon after boyf came around. he went shopping too =)
after awhile, boyf went home.
then train-ed down to outram to find mummy and slack awhile
there with emily n junjie as well.

next, train-ed down alone to serangoon to find lydia and friends.
slack-ed there awhile then cabb-ed home.


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