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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shall post a short one tonight. =)
boyf is sleeping over at my house tonight ! YEAHS~!
hohos, oh well.
met up with boyf at yishun,
have lunch at kfc again, =)
then intend-ed to meet up with angeline and her love,
but didnt in the end, probably her love was just too beat to wake up, i guess.

aftermaths, head-ed to the pet shops near by, just to get a peek at those cute and small hamster.
pester boyf to get a hamster together, and his answer was like "NO", i was like why?
just a cute and small tiny cute fluffy one, yet he says his cat is better, oh well.
jewel is cute too, but no harm fetting a small little one ma.. narhs~
shall pester him next time .HAHS ,LOLS

aftermaths,train-ed down to boyf's house.
as usual,play-ed with the laptop awhile, then napp-ed awhile with boyf.
next, boyf went to timah with his friends, while i went to meow's house.
her dog was like super hyper active, but cute.

i swear it was cute okays! =)
then, chatt-ed with her, well i could see she is definatly a nice friend to talk to.
then, at 10.30pm met boyf at choachukang mrt station then cabb-ed home. =)

girlf:take care ya, meet more often okays =)
meow: laughs*, thanks for entertaining me ya. enjoy your accompany, with the chit chatting with you =) try to give in more , it takes two hands to clap. =)


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