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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

post shall be kept short today, i guess photos tells everything. =)
woke up early morning,ands text-ed boyf.
lie-ed on the bed, wait-ed for his replied.
after 10mins, i guess he is still sleeping.
head-ed to the bathroom, and wash up.
then cabb-ed down to grandma house, nds do some stuff.
aftermaths, bus-ed down to amk hub, on the way there boyf chatted with me on the phone.
was so excited about see-ing him again. oh well after 15-20mins , i reach-ed amk hub
head-ed to eight percent to get my white bag,ands guess who i saw?
is mr romantic. hahs. he really is handsome in real life, i swear. haha =)
then train-ed down to yew tee to meet up with boyf.
after 30mins, i finally reached yewtee. =)
was glad to see boyf , grinns*. =)
hold boyf hand and walk-ed to his house.
then slack-ed at his house the whole day, use the laptop talking to junjie n emily n taking cam-whoring with boyf too.

then his bro came back, then say hi to him then use-ed laptop again.
finally, his mum n kitty came to the room . say hi to them too. =)
then , waited for boyf to bath finish, then helped him choose his top .
see this! boyf is acting cute infront of the camera xD

aftermaths, he jamm-ed awhile on his bass guitar, captured some of him jamming too. xD

then train-ed down to meet up with tracy ,lydia n jieying at amk hub.

on the way there, boyf fell asleep in the train, i shot that down too. isint he cute?

aftermaths, head-ed to fernvale with mum. guess who i saw? i saw matthias. my ex school mates. hahs. he is still the same. =)
then cabb-ed back home.


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