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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

is all i felt now.=))
well, how should i blog my post out for today.
well, today met up with caine and benny at amk hub.
then train-ed down to plaza singapure, slack-ed there for awhile.
then came kaiwen n andy. after walking round n rounds , felt our stomach growling,
so decided to eat kfc for lunch, didnt ate finish my lunch. 2 piece chicken wasted then.
soon after we started eating, junjie, chopper, kelvin,alvin came.
after eating, slacked at kfc awhile then head-ed off to meet up with emily.
aftermaths, all of us walk-ed down to parklane.
the guys will always be guys. guys play-ed pool,
nds their girl sit ther to watch them play-ed.
is not that boring actually la.=)
aftermaths, benny accompany-ed me to take train.
awwww, sweet isnt he? =))
then something happens in the train.
he asked me something.
is the question i have been waiting all along. xD
well, people who knew, of course i said yes!
now bbenny is mine. hohos =)
well, honey n i wish it would last.
it could just that probably some people would disturb him with some fabricated lies
thats all. guess what honey's say,he said whatever happens in the past is past, now is now.
and he doesnt mind the past. well,i didnt regret choosing him. =)

boyf: honey, i dont hong otther guys la. you dont hong other girls ya.
if not i will pull something! hahs. xD
junjie: jyjy with emily=)
emily: last long with jyjy=)
chopper: dont think too much already. thanks for being there when i needed you.
lydia: girl , meet up soon. i want hughugs.


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