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Monday, June 9, 2008

a long happy day i had today.
post shall be kept short, as photos tell you everythings =)
well, i give school a miss today, and train-ed down to boyf's house instead.
went boyf house to slack for awhile.use-ed his laptop&cam-whore awhile.

not long after boyf's twin brother
came home, with the girlf. well, chatted with the girlf awhile, then boyf head-ed to bath.
while waiting for him, browse thru friendster and blogs.
10mins later, boyf came to the room. then again, boyf style his hair. dame long~
well, i got a cute boyf, his hair now is like super cute xD
aftermaths,head-ed to yewtee macdonal to eat lunch, is boyf treat. =)
after eating, train-ed down to queensway to meet up with bryan.
while waiting for him, boyf n me started cam-whoring again .

after awhile, bryan finally came. then we train-ed down to serangoon to meet up
with junjie n emily.
head-ed to chompchomp to eat dinner.
is been such a long time since i last ate there.
the food there still tastes the same. yumyums! smacksmacks.

aftermaths, head-ed back to hougang then play-ed some arcarde game
then cabb-ed home. =)

boyf: iloveyou,honey.
bryan: thanks for accompanying me, last long with sasa. =)
lydia: meet up soon .
gladys: i miss you la, meet up soon =)
jamie: happy 18 burthday! =))


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