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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

long day i had today.... =.=
well,today it seems like docters and black black day to me.
wondering why i say that?
mainly because, i went to see a dentist in the afternoon
after that head-ed to polyclinic to see docter for my thoart.
as i was really having a bad cough. =(
well, is been so long since i last entered to see a dentist,
my hands are like trembling with fear. oh well,
this dentist i had appointment with today, wasnt that rough like the pervious
who tried to pull my tooth out =.="'
well, after half an hour. i had my tooth clean up n fill up,
met xue hao,junjie,emily at hougang mall,
then bus-ed down to polyclinic to see a docter.
well, i swear ! is really a long wait we all had.
well, not long after. boyf came along to find me =)))
geees, happyhappy =) get to see boyf ,hees. =)))
aftermaths, xuehao went home.
while the rest of us headed to lorong ah soo market to grab a bite.
the food there is great:

then cabb-ed down to junjie 's house.
oh well, i start-ed cam-whoring in cab again.

i felt so bored, soon after we reached his house. =)
well, his dog is soo oh my mother fcuking cute!!! xD

then went to his so call-ed lan shop room.
so many computer in there la! is like i think for chionging his maple and dota=.=
then,start-ed our cam-whoring session as usual. grins*

aftermaths, we kinda of had some couple cam-whoring together .=))

hahs! boyf thinks i look hot today.laughs*
i think i look dame fat la 1 got to lose weight >< after slacking ,cabb-ed back to hougang mall. ate our dinner then went home.

boyf: i definatly love you alot la, hahs! i am simply so touched that you dotn believe what those prank caller said. hees =) swweeet, of you to even said i dont mind your past. for now just rmb, i love hannah. hohos. =))))
junjie& emily; is great spending time with you guys =)
xuehao:thanks for accompanying me to doc too =)
shiguan: wahlao,pig lehh you.


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