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Friday, May 30, 2008

woke up the usual time today,
call-ed nicholas,angeline up.
and found out that we know who the spammers are already.
oh well, i dont want to give a dame to it either. is childish anyways. =)
next, met angeline on the bus, plann-ed to meet nicholas up, but didnt in the end.
so met junjie,benny,bryan ands emily up at vivo city.
well, had alot of funn today,
firstly,we head-ed to the Pet's lover's Center,the pet's ther are like dame really cute?
see what i have taken then:

then next to long john to grab a bite.
while eating ,guess who we saw? is shawn the campus superstar that little boy. oh well, he is kinda of cute honestly, but i stills thinks ben singing is better. if compare to looks, i shall say adriano n typical ben looks muchmuch better then =)
aftermath,we all felt bored. then we head-ed to Toy'rĂș's ,
play-ed with the sword ,the soft plush. okok we dont have childhood memories cans? hohos. xD
here's what we have taken then:

next, we walked afew rounds in vivo, as usual looking out for those hot babes nds hunks out ther.well, ther's aisnt much today. well, after much walks. we realise is late evening already, then decided to go to th top of vivo to see that beautiful scenery. =)) sat on the floor, played some stupid games, only to realise ther is a crockroach crawling around, n we the girls just scream-d out loud then. =X
after slacking awhile ther,took some photo:

aftermath,all of us train-ed back home then.
oh last thing, i am getting a hellokitty PDA phone soon. yesyesyes! waiting for this dame long already. hees =))

emily&jj: jyjy =)
benny: stupid fool! dirnk more water la.
nicholas: sorry dont have time planning, meet up soon.=)
lydia: xingan, meet up soon okays. =) ily.
gladys: meet up soon.
aiksin: dont think too muchh yea. =))
angeline: cheer up girl, dont think too much. ther are better ones out ther =)


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