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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's,

How's Valentine's this 2012 for you peeps?
Mine? I spent my valentine in the morning w my mom & aunt in parkway shopping -
Changing of phone & number. (;

In the noon, i met up with felicia! We went to haji lane for cupcake session!
Yummy decor cupcakes at MY FAT LADY! You will love the design of them,

is so adorable & yet cheerful in decor & colour! (:



And of course having one cute lil cupcake is never enough,

thus we decided to share another:


PSSSST: Sharing is good sometimes, because you get to cut the calories by half! (:

Afterwhich did some window shopping while felicia shopped & spend a bomb!

*Evil Laughters*
Okay, i know is dame mean.

You should see how she actually wants to buy the whole lot!

As the time passes quick is time for felicia to leave

while i head over to Serangoon to meet Zinnia girlfriend &

train down together to holland village for our post valentine's dinner date and dessert.

Dinner at NYDC:

Super platter:

(pizza like potatoe, nachos & sweet bbq sauce chicken wings)

I <3 the chicken wing very much! hehehe

(sixth aveune & mango tango float)

Mushroom sandwich


After dinner ,brought zinnia to 2am dessert bar to chill & have dessert : TWIX

while she have morning dew Tea . (:

Not thinking of partying tonight at all, yet she pop the question to me.
So decided to head over to butter factory! Been a long time since i went there since
nowadays i am in attica .
So ending this post with the photos of us!



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