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Friday, February 10, 2012

Is friday night ,

No- Party day, this is what been decided by me & felicia.
Thus, headed over to holland village for dinner together @ Baben

I like the mushroom soup & its bread. YUMYUM i say! ^^
Rating: ooooo/ooooo

We ordered Fries, Fish & chips to shared.
Rating: ooooo/ooooo

Rating: ooooo/ooooo
IS really yumyum!

Our beverage? REDBULLLLLL! Our engery saver! ^^

Rest awhile ,waited for chiho to arrive & head over to 2am dessert bar .
Ordered really the dfferent kind of dessert to try, it was really awesome! I always like the
ambience & decor of 2am dessert bar,

not to mention their dessert are extremely interesting!
One should really bring a girl on a date here! ^^
Oh did i not mention that tracy came to find us too! has a good time chilling together, &

After chilling for at least an hour or two, headed over to chinatown.
One of the authentic korean resturant.
The korean boys wants to have their soju & late supper! (:

Side dishesss:

Korean Steam egg (:

And what i learnt about this korean culture is that, as long as you order the main
dish like the boys actually ordered korean steamboat , the side dishes are all FREE.
How cool is that?! (:


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