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Monday, June 13, 2011

What a spread,

Met Sarah babe in somerset 313 today for Food & Shopping ,
supposingly meeting at 12pm but i overslept the time. Sorry babe! aw,

Anyway, we had great fun! Had food at Shokudo ,Cinelesure Level 2 . (:

So here's what we order:
Mine mango shredded ice w jelly , bits of mango
Ratings : *****
Ps( this portion is big, so if you order you can share w your friends)

Next Sarah ordered this :

Afterwhich, we head to NEOPRINTS at TIMEZONE Arcade
Is super awesome,& guess what is only $6 dollars, CHEAP OR WHAT!
Ps: Love cam-whore, Love neoprint - You can try this machine,
let us all be a pretty cam-whore budget babe! ^^


Went to window shopp-ed at the editor's market.
Items there are gorgeous & pretty, but okey am broke now. ):

Next quick bites & desserts at A.venue :

So this is what we order :
IBC Rootbeer

Ratings: *****

Ratings : *****

Afterwards headed over to meet Jeremy. (:


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