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Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes & rainbow cakes

Hello everyone! Back with a recipe & pictures to blog with!
This post featuring the making of rainbow cupcakes ,
and not to forget is specially handmade
with love by Julene & I .
I swear you will love this post , as much as i do.
Is like a instant perk me up post,
& if your loved ones birthday is coming or you want to pop a surprise,
this is like the best! ^^

So here we go,
Firstly, do research about Rainbow Cupcakes
Like watching a youtube, the best link i found is this :

Then continue to ask around people who have done it ,
like i sought
for advice too. (:

So here we come ,

2 packet of betty crocker Deluxe or Super moist

6 eggs : seperate the egg yolks & egg whites.
Note: we only need egg white.

Pour in the egg white, Flour, vegetable oil(2/3)

Colouring, get this brand . Is good & awesome!

Pour the mixture into bowls and start to use toothpick to
dip colouring into the different bowl, & mix it.

So we are just gonna try to bake two cupcakes first,
incase it doesnt rise or even cooked.

Okay! It rised!!!!! Obviously we screwed up the layers of colours,
while layering not properly HAHA

So here's how it looks like without the tray! ^^

Can you see combination of colours
at the side of the cupcake?

This is what is like inside, Okey the layer looks really werid.
But we will bake the rest pretty pretty! ^^

The top was the 1trial set of cupcakes, now to the actual sets of cupcakes!

In the midst of rising, so cute right? ^^


The End Product, this is how it looks like.
Okey, is really werid, but i kinda of think is cute still,
Look like Alien Cupcakes ! The color combi is ALIEN! HHA

Stacking to cool down our cupcakes!^^

Here's xtra batch of ALIEN CUTIE cupcakes! ^^



Our mistake: Be it cake or cupcake,
do not be greedy and fill

it to the brim of the baking tin,
because this way it will rise and over flow.

This is what happens when it overflows:

So what you need now, is to make cream
to cover up the unglamness part & sprinkle some hearts to
make it pretty!

This is how it looks like after everything:
PS:it doesnt really looks like a heart from this point ,but is still not bad
pretty awesome after all the hard work done. Is our first attempt together
And it turns out pretty well, i am sure both jeremy & jody wld be elated! ^^


I totally love how i combi these cupcakes colours together,
so maybe you could be like be as well, experiment them! It looks
awesome! ^^

Rainbow cupcake 1 : Red+Orange + purple =Summer love

Rainbow cupcake 2 : Pink + Yellow = Barbie doll cupcake

The colours combi are awesomeness cute right? ^^

ohyes,my advice to you is too much colouring aisnt good too,
cus it might smells like play-doh!

End of post, packed for the lucky ones.
I hope you babes/hunks would do a good job & not follow
our mistakes! ^^


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