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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dessert date at Ji De Chi Plaza singapura

This cute lil place is located at the basement of plaza singapura, where carls junior level is at.
Is definatly a better dessert stall then the pervious one! ^^

So here's jeremy in the photo, this picture wasnt taken when he wasnt ready, but still
niceee right? HAHAH ^^

Mango puree+mango slices + beancurd = Not bad , worth trying !
Rating: ***

outer layer: glutinous rice w coating coconut flakes
Inner layer: Mango
I dont much like the outer area, because of the coconut flakes,
but i did finish up the inner part - MANGO. Super sweet.
Mango rating = *****
Outer layer rating = **

Glutinous rice ball in ginger syrup & crushed peanuts
I love the rice ball, it somehow felt as if is like the japanese mochi! ^^
But i do not like the syrup , as it kinda of taste werid to me.
Rating : **

Chendol Snow flakes/Chendol Shaved ice
I give THUMBS UP for this.
This is definatly awesomeee , i swear the blending of it is really YUMMMY!
Rating: *****


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