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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How did you spend you v-day this year?
(sorry belated post)
who say v-day is only for couples, haha.
i spend my v-day w a couple of friends chilling out at nabins cafe at haji lane (:
I really like the ambience, n food! People should go there n slack seriously! ^^
anyway since is this is like a belated v-day, would like to share w you two goodfriends of mine.
And they are Amelia & laura.
Two very nice girls, whom i got to know them in a short while n became goodfriends w them! (:
Anyway, would like to share w you peeps, what they got me recently.
Laura got me lipsmackers fm melbourne! ^^
Yea, she remembers my cookie dough.
Ps: in additional shine give me one/two more lipsmackeers! heehee
Next my lovely girl amelia gave me this,
Hellokitty sweet that amelia herself dont bear to eat it! *so sweeet*

Hellokittty pockey!

And this lovely scented hellokitty soap handmade by amelia for my v-day gift
this year! sooo lovely pleasee.
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