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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Met up with sarah this afternoon, and we went like mini window shopping & brunch over at MOF.
It was sarah's first time, while it was my second.
(Oh did i mention, i am proudly the member of MOF , hehehe)
And so we ordered ramen & side dish.

Eat-All-You-CAN BUFFET! (Psss: i am gonna try them & let you know! haha)

IS friggging full i tell you, the next time i visit them again
i would tell them to ve lesser ramen for mine! (:

First stop, Every girls favourite hobby! CAMWHORING, TAKING NEOPRINT.
Yessss, we took neoprint like again, is like something we did since secondary school till now!
She said this: "Each time when i am out with you, will like definatly have the take-neoprint feel"
So apparently, we took. But we got cheated by this stupid machine, which we thought we could do many funny poses with our-selected background,but apparently they actually pre selected it the background itself. We are kinda of mad, but well the photo still looks great okay! (:

Do you like it ? Despite the pre-selected backgrounds,
But we could add in xtra additional photos in one picture. How fun is that! (:

Second stop: we off to get our koi ,Ice cream milk tea. The quene is horrible here,
(picture of the people infront of us! )

but still we still went ahead with the wait.
While waiting we went iluma to walk/window shopped around.
Soon, finally we headed down after 10mins, and tadddaaahhh~!

We got our drinks! YEA! xD

Third stop: shopping at bugis street.
I remember years ago, i used to tell my friends how bugis street is for the AHLIANS & AHBENGS. But, wait a moment have you seen the new bugis street second level? The items are awesommme-nessss max so is the price going up,up ,UP just like in fep(fareastplaza). But over here, you could try your luck by slashing price with the sales girls or even the lady boss. Well, if you shopped crazily like us, you might get discounts like we do .HAHA. So if you lack of shopping khakis, just drop me a email i will hang out with you.
I am friendly ,you see! hehehe.

And so, intially today's plan wasnt my turn to shop!
is sarah turn to get her stuff. But sarah
my pyscho-tic shopping buddy pyscho-ed me to get this them nice nude color bagpack!

And she got two pretty pretty bags from the same shop i got from too!

Lastly , we headed back to my place to check our online store's collection & i did some fashion parade for her just to parade the new buys i bought recently from both online & fep . And had dinner together before she left home! (:


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