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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puppies are men & girls bestfriend.

I am sure you peeps are wondering why the titled for the post.
I am proudly presenting you my lil new furry friend here, Bb lee/ Bb koh.

Apparently this name Bb is what i called my pervious puppy,
i swear the name n spelling of it is cute n unqiue pleasssse! hehehe. xD

And so this is how it started :

Randall & I planned to get a puppy, like he pays but because my house cldnt fit in so puppy will stay over at his place, but i still get to see as and when i want, but of course i will see him everyday! He is still a baby, 2months old ! Really cute , you gotta see it, feel it, hug it yourself! (:

And so, i met randall at 11.30am this morning to ve our brunch at Lorong Ah soo market,
the awesomme max market where, all the yummy food is!
We had soya bean drink, i had western while randall had his minced pork noodles (dry).

Would like to mention this western food store in Lorong Ah Soo market,
served dame niceee western.

the wait, the try okays! (:

First stop , after we had our tummy filled. Time to search for a lil puppy!
So back to the Pet store at upper Serangoon Road,

the pet store that my pervious dog often goes for grooming & boarding.
The owner of the shop, the friendly uncle could still remembers me , and asked about my pervious puppy! So nice of him to remember please! (:

Apparently i wanted gender: female, & breed: Yorkie terrier & age: 2mth+
But we couldnt get it.
So we settle for breed: shih tzu ,

age: 2mths, gender: male, month of birth: november,
Parentage of the puppy 's daddy : Show dog.
Okays, worth the money already! Because randall wants to hao lian(show off) to everyone that this puppy that we r owning ,its parent is a show dog! (:
I like the month of birth most, because is my birthday month! xD
On it's one year old, i am gonna give him a birthday bash! (:

And so here's some stuff that we brought from the pet store,

and some other stuff we needed we are heading over to the pet's lover center to get it. (:

Ps; the uncle give me discounts as usual & best of all he give us a dog perfume,

so nice of him! (:

Ps: highly recommended pet shop, if you want to own a puppy . Get from this friendly uncle,
if you need to board your dogs when you re away, do so here prices are reasonable here so is the grooming charges! (:

Second stop: Pet's Lover Center @ vivo city.
Yesssss, we finally reached and bought him over there got him the rest of the lil things he needed.

But still, we havnt get him a bed yet, cause the bedding we saw wasnt enough to satisfied us!
And oh, did i mention i become the member of Pet Lover's Center earlier on?

Just for him , yes because we are gonna shop here more often , just to get him more toys, treats and things you could think of! (:

What a sweet mommy right, yess i am gonna pamper him with toys, n bring him out for walks n runs. apparently, instead of walking he is into hopping. Really cute manzzz, the way he does it! (:

oh here's an small red packet given by pet lover center to us: a $2 off voucher (:

Tho discounts is less, but is sweet still (:

And oh ! before we left there's a bakery store cum small animals store just beside pet lover center.So we went in, and came out with goodies for our lil darling pup!
Yummy stuff that is gonna make him fat! HAHA, is not expensive, is at really affordable price too! (:

like eg: $4.45 for 5pc (:

Last stop , headed back straight to randall's place because puppy was sleeping on his lap while he was driving. Super adorable when he sleeps like some sleepy head look! hahaha. (:

So when we reached home, we set up the detention/training cage for him, and fix up the water bottle for him ! (:

He is sooo adorable, apparently we forgot to get housebreaking training drops. So we drove
over to Farmway to get the eye wipes n housebreaking training drops. And got our dinner otw back!

Yea, burger king for dinner! Pamper usssss for the hardwork today! (:

And here's our snacks time :

After dinner, played with puppy awhile, taking lotsa of wonderful picture of the puppy.
Randall drove me back (:


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