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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The party dont start, till .........
Woked up early this morning, to get prepared & meet up with Yongreng for movie over at ehub.
Honestly speaking i havnt been to ehub to catch movie yet, this is my first.
And last i think, the refresher they sprayed in there is refreshing at FIRST,
BUT too much is too hard to breathe properly. It turned out to be rather horrible tho.
Anyway, back to the suject of our movie, we got our seats at the back, which is sooo horrible.
Because i could hardly really see it clearly. The seats in the front wasnt filled up,
wonder why didnt the girl at the counter didnt give me a good seat hur.
Okays, back to the hilarious movie we caught : OLD COW vs YOUNG GRASS
Have you catch this movie yet> is really funny,i swear.
I literally laugh my heads off ! Even tho , it looks like a jack neo kind of funny yet retard movie, but still
is funny! HAHAH
Afterwhich, Yongreng & i parted our ways. He went to looked for his friends,
while i headed off to see the girls from holy high! (:
Is been really awhile seen i last seen all of them.
Some have change, while my ever good friend Pohlee hasnt.
She is still the ever sweet girl i met when i was in holy high. (:
So much of typing , can my pictures do the talking for me then? (:
The outlook done by the girls. (:
Poh lee, alice, meizhen & kelly playing poka! (:
The ever yummy eggtart made by poh lee' mommy. Is yummmy! xD
fried-ing fishballs,fried shrimps & nuggets done by pohlee & me! Our first time, but it taste good okay!haha
THE PARTY/BBQ started! xD
Birthday cake & birthday girl! Happy 21st,girl! (:
all smiles. (:

So much for camwhoring with the girls, however there's someone who caught my heart tonight.
Is this lil boy here, he is suppppper cute,i swear! No doubt that all he does was his baby languages , but
myself including the girls we are attracted to this cute lil boy here.
I had a hard time taking photo of him. He is rather hyperactive! (:
Thats all guys!
Poh lee: Hey babe, i am really elated manzz. Is been awhile since the last time i saw you guys. i had fun, hoep you guys did as well. Meet up often. Come on even most of the time in high sch was me hanging out with gladys, but you are still my good friend! Beside, good friends doesnt mean who hang out with who more then consider. Is the time we spend together, we cherishe them! (:
alice: happy birthday 21st girl.! (: A year older now,
in anyways i thank you for inviting me over to the party! thanks!
Kelly: do not know if you wld be able to see this ,
but is really fun n nice talking to you! you r a nice girl tho. (:
Geokyong : hey babe, not sure you wld be able to see it either.
Been a long time i seen you. Is nice to talk n laugh with you again. cheers. (:
Meizhen & yanhui : Shall see you & the grp soon! (:
Sarah: babe, hurry recover! cheers.


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