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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Featuring : Hannah(namely me) & Angeline

My scehdule is fully packed today! Am supper happy, because i get to meet up with my longtime girlfriend Angeline for dinner tonight! (ps; intially supposingly suppose to met Tracy ,but .... nah forget )

Was really happy, dued bf & work we really hardly had time-out to even meetup for shopping/dinner,
and today it is the day! (:

And so i went for my stupid job briefing regarding this sat n sun.
Working for redemption again, but this time round
was sooo much easier then pc show ! I hope the crowd on weekends aisnt like in pc show,
if not really can faint! hahah.

Right after briefing met up with Angeline,
we had our dinner as planned over at WONG KOK(Bugis junction, level 2)
Is something like a hongkong cafe style, if you know whats C.nai ,
all i can say the good there is alot better then c.nai & price is really reasonable! (:

So we had our first main course or should i say is just:
A chicken chop burger in macau style
our verdict:
We really love the bread top & base of the burger ,
is yummy enough to eat it alone! (:

Followed up next we have : Yummy chicken wings! (:
Our verdict:
Definatly not sinful at all! Despite it being deepfried & crispy , is not at all sinful!

Lastly the last side,will be : Sweet & sour rolled bacon
Our verdict:
we have no comments for this one, as we personally dont like the sauce very much.
As everything still taste nice. (:

And lastly not to forget : Ice milo as usual! (:
Hannah verdict: I love the pink straw is slim n in pink of course!
Angeline verdict: Why the straw sooo slim ! Later i bend here n there, it break how? o.o haha

Catch tmr post, it will be on food as well! (:


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