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Monday, May 10, 2010

We turned 3!
Happy birthday, 23rd Eric.
Shopping at Emart.

We turned 3 on 7may2010 (:

Happybirthday 23 to Eric on 8may2010. (:
Decorate his room with 23 balloons of his favourite color GREEN.
Placed his gifts in the middles n did a big handmade card for him.

9May2010 ,
went out to marina square with eric, hav yummylicious claypot rice at foodcourt!.

(But i didnt finished, cus i ordered the wrong one. this is the spicy one. But overall still yummy!)
Afterwhich ,planned to catch icekacangpuppy love, but didnt. I guess it ended. Then he went to catch me baby mickey. Oh, does your boyfriend have a addiction of catching soft toy for you? Cause mine has! haha. Oh well, is sweet for him still, better then those guy that just buy for their girl. He put in effort/concentration n money ofcourse.
Afterwhich headed over to his place, planned to go prawning but in the failed. Because terence didnt replied.
So watched soccer at his place, and i am feeling hungry .
We both slice a big slice of strawberry custard tart for eachother .
The one i bought for his birthday, but he havnt eat, so we r having it together. Is supper yummy.
Worth every single penny! (:
Still hungry despite the yummy tart, we crave for noodles!
So he whip up my favourite mee goreng with fishballs& egg for me. While he eat some spicy mee!
Cam-whore abit while he cooking!
Tadddddaaaa! Chef Eric 's(:
Morning, his lovely mom&dad bought me wanton mee for breakfast. How sweet is that! (:
Next, his dad drive us over to Eric camp,to collect Pink Ic. Finally he collected his ic! hehee.
Next stop over to, Mount faber Safra Emart.
There's like lotsa of wonderful stuff there, i swear . mad cute! Like the mess tin, he got for me!, and the torch light cute also!. You will be surprise by the stuff he bought, obviously no neeed money cus he got lotsa of credict n he need to claim before it expires.
The total items he got for me! Dame cute,!!
The amry tee is extremey comfy,wearing it as my nightie gown!
Afterwhich, home sweet home!


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