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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer colors hues. (:
(Be expected for lotsa of vibrant colors of photos today, from eating ) (:
First stop : Plaza Singapura Food court.
Had handmade with love bento by tracy for lunch & the ever craving roasted duck rice , oh actually is because she fall back to sleep so the bento is actually meant for her classmates is but now,is soo going to be in both me & tracy tummy! HAHA,
Seeee the whole lot of good stuff in the bento, is too much for the both of us.
(sorry for the messy look, i think she putted the bento in her bag, aand things messed up on the way to town)

Afterwhich, we went to the washroom. And as you know girls will always be girls!
Toliet always seems like a cam-whoring place, so pictures down here! (:

Next : Ice monster ( i think , is at the basement of plaza singapura! )
DurianMango shebert ice & Mango shebert ice

After which, we both was ggetting bored & decided to head over to cinelesure.
Had the usual neoprints, & chilled over at billy bomber for ben&jerry icecream & ever drooling waffles

And, we parted home after that!.
Enjoyed my day with her as always, we always have never ending gossips to talk, or girl's talk! HAHA


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