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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonder Tuesday.
(Mad increase of angbao(s)/red packet(s) this year. So This spells shopping!!) xD

Woke up like early in the morning, had brunch with mom, doreen aunt & eric @ chinese swimming club.
After that went over to parkway watson to pick up afew essential items, and also some loackers ! YUMYUM, i say. (: Next head-ed home, nua-ed around with eric. Then went to had a quick shower & off to meet up with sarah . While Eric went home-d to prepare & meet up with terence. (:

Is been really a lonnglonnng time since i last met up with this girl sarah. She has been busy with school and blahblah while me busy with assignments and all. );
In anyways, we both enjoyed very much today. Tons & tons of shopping today.

First stop : Ettusais vanity spreesss!
Is been awhile since i last shopped with ettusais yeah, think the last shopping @ ettusais is somewhere in mid jan right?
Wellwell, i am pretty excited when i went to the counter over @ BHG Bugis Junction because......
I CANT WAIT TO GRAB HOLD OF THE LIMITED EDITION melty touch rouge! HEHEH, the colors are wonderful i tell you.
Instead of being just a whole lipstick thingy, in the middle of it is filled up with glosss!
Mad amazzzing i tell you!
( Hurry go grab hold if you havnt! )
But oh well i didnt get all the yummy shades because i was still decciding,
so i got the rose shade then. Is super yummy & eye catching too!
I love lips color that stands out! (: heeeheee.

And also got a black eyeliner(mom's has been complaining i have been using hers too often.
Thats because i misplace mine,dangzzz ): ) &
highlighter cream(can be use as eyeshadow & also give your face a 3-d effect; a sharper look)

And of course as usual spend more then $60 and above got this cute item here.

2nd stop: HURS
Got a pretty cute blouse over @ HURS, & actually ther's a particular halter flora top caught my eyes. Unforunatly
my bust area couldnt fits. Is like suffocating my bust . So byebye to that pc then! And so i realise somehow the items over @ HURS are always for the petite & for small bust. (No offence girls,) I am just thinking that whenever bigger bust girls like any item(s) there, somehow some girls like me just couldnt buy it because the bust area REALLY makes us uncomfortable & as well as making our bust feels suffocate. For me food & clothes are the same, i wont buy because is suppper pretty & whataver, i got to eat & buy something that i really likes. As for food, i wont eat unless is yummy enough to enough my mouth , i wont ever let my tummy suffer. So eg; if a bowl of noodles i ate like ate 2 mouth full, and leave it. People might think i am wastful but sorry i wont eat because to save, but not to torture my stomach. (:

3rd stop: MITJU
The amazzzzzing aweeeeesommme pumps/flats & heelies store!
Is like got to be the nicest stuff, unqiue ones you can find in there.
And of course the best thing is, when one design is sold out, it never returns.
This proves not many girls are wearing/owning the same item as me (: ( which girls doesnt likes to be unqiue ,you tell me?!)
And again bought two pumps/flats. Is mad mad cute! hehehe
Now my shoes closet is full of pumps/flats! wheeeeee. (:
Here's what i actually got! (:

Ohs yes!, did i mention that sarah also got one identical pair as me too.
I'm bringing her on a binging shopping soon ! Hahah,
And i bet she is cursing me that i am turning her to a shoppingg queen! (:

4th stop : Miss Emily
Preettty flora dresss & top from there.
And of course a very sweet shade of flora caught my eyes, & of course i made a purchase for it!
The best part of this flora dress is , you can play around with the straps. Be it halter or tie it as a ribbon for a tubey dress look.
And best of all , the material is light weighted & soft ! (:
Is soooo cute that i am going to wear it, to the zoo trip me & eric is planning! (:
Picture is taken in the dressing room, sarah insist to take.
Girls will always to girls. Even dressing room also cam-whoring! hehehe.

5th stop: Pretty tokoyo. ( isit the name of the neoprint shop in bugis junction?)
Oh well whatave it is, the moment we see the yummy machines @ bugis junction.
a sudden neoprint rush came over us. Just miss the funny cute faces we would smile @ the machines when we were in secondary schools. (:
And yes! went to cam in ther. Is 12 buck for that machine we took, so 6-6 each.

]: when did the prices of the machine gone up, is expensive manxxx. Even a neoprint machine is going up . The high expenses in singapore. ) Got to really mug hardeer for studies already. ]

6th stop:SASA
Went to stop by to see if ther's anymore vanity items to add on.
But unforunatly ,none of the items in there interest me. my eyes are like closing.
Been like shopping for hours, my eyes seems really worn out from seeing to trying to buying. Our hands & legs are like tired. And so , only this cute drink that cost $2.20 that we bought & shared.
Really is interesting. I might be getting the bigger bottle this friday.
Is applehoneyvinegar drink, i am never a fan of vinegar, it somehow just shuns me off alot!
Butbutbut, this drink here is definatly not the kind of funny werid strong kind. The first sip was, apple flava then down to the thoart with a pinch of vinegar taste. Is pretty nice, i sort of grown my liking to it then. ( heard that vinegar helps for slimming too. I am considering because it helps for slimming) hehehe.

7th stop: Macdonalds & movvvvieeee (:
Found the cushion back seat @ mac. Ordered a mac-flurry & shared.
Drank our applyhoneyvinegar drink along with our mac flurry. It still taste great!
Soon after eric & terrence came, & then movie @ bugis shaw . (:

Caught Valentine day @ 9.15pm.

Ratings :5 popcorn to 5 popcorn.
Love the part when the guy says: When you love someone, you love her everything.
Something like when you love someone you love everything about her ,it doesnt even bother you if she/he have a past.
And the girl character in the movie she is a phone sex entertainer, but the guy still love her for who she is.
eventually did it out of love.
Sometime love is really a funnycute thing. It makes two random strangers to fall in love,& somehow miracles happens.
Some stories went on and on, like a fairytales while some just gone into drain after much love& effort put in .
Well, sometimes in life some people does phonesex entertainer/social escorting/Prositutions,
people around might despise them for it.
But what really lies beyond them, do you really think they would want a job like this? Definatly not.
I have heard & seen stories for people whom i know in this situations. Well, i pity their plight as well.
People around doesnt feel for this, all the common typical ones would just think is a cheap dirty job.
Well, if they only human beings are not so superficial or dont even based on the rumors out there, maybe they would really think & feel about the plight of a person story.

Well, sometimes in life we dont get what we want. Cant do what we want. Cant plan it as perfect as what we want either. Is just part & parcel of life. In life there's are many ups & downs. Is just a obstacles that everyone got to go thru in life. (:
And so, this message is to my dear friends out theere, whatve thing that happens in future. Just give me a text or call. I would be there. (:

End of this longlong naggy post .
Toodools, everyone!
Catch my next post, prolly tmr(thursday) ,out with sarah again.
Hopes i am not spending againzzzz.


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