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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MAKING FACES with Loreal Paris, CLEO & The Singapore Women's weekly
600 women to BREAK a record!

Did you see the crowd over @ Wisma Atria,indoor atrium level 1
on Saturday (23 jan 2010)?

Then then you should know how fun & happening it is.
Loreal Paris actually break the singapore bracket record(sorry if i spell wrongly) of doing 600 makeovers in 12hours. aisnt that wonderful?
And the makeup artists they are really fast & effcient,
within mins they transform you to a beautiful lady!

And yes, i was there with bff angeline! Is really exciting, and and best part was we still get to bring home $100 worth of goodie bag, And a 2r size photographer. But sadly to say, i was pretty nervous when always a unknown photographer shoots me. And my smile will go really nervous-ly werid . This is what happens the last time during my photoshoot, the smile is really horrible.
I really needs to pratice smiling at the mirror more often ! ><>

and i am pretty astonished by the number of girls going into toliet to cam-whore with their friends after the makeover too! I guess this is just us girls, cam-whore no matter where we are , even in the TOLIET! (: hehehes.

Then went on movie TOOTHFAIRY @ cine w/weijian.
Rating 5 popcorns to 5 popcorns. Is funny, and awwww sweet !

Then homed sweet homed @ 1am+.


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