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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A trip down to National Museum of Singapore.

Ever been to National Museum of Singapore?
NationIn simple, i am just too timid!

But seriously, a trip down to museum is really interesting & exciting!
Jo & me couldnt wait for the second trip down again, to see the fashion gallery , and manymany more galleries around singapore! wheee. (:

Do i sound old-fashion or what , but museums is really perfect place, if you are finding time to spent your day head there with your loved ones/date! (:

I am seriously mad in love with stamp with ink! See the picture on the right, is my name in symbol! heehee, cool anot. (:
I love rub it as well, using PINK crayons to rub the picture out, unfortunatly i cant do a clear picture. Awww.
Number & mathematic in egypt? hmmms,

See the origami pyramid thingy on the right? can you do it?, i cant!
I just simply dontknow how to. ! ): Tried figuring out tho.
Nownow for this, i what i manage to take a clear view of it. I think is supper interesting.

Now for the jewels & make-up stuff , aisnt that pretty unqiue ? (:
Enough of it? If not enough, then you should just personally head down to at least get a sneak peek of it. Really worth your penny, unless you are interested lah, of course! (:
So much for today, i got to turn in now
tooodoools! (:
Nights everyone! (:


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