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Friday, January 8, 2010

LOVE smooth/non-frizzy/managable/silky hair?

Is always my dream to get at least managable hair ever since after secondary school, cause all i did was dye-ing & rebonding during & after my life in secondary school. And so of course , i stop dye-ing, but rebonding somewhat became a ADDICTION. As in , every girls/boys would want to look good right? How can anyone who is everyone stands really natural curls man,?!

And of cause, all the rebonding/dye-ing/perming/blowing of hair ,causes your hair to have








Thats rights, that's what you would have if you dont take special care for it.

And so you got really to put on effort, maybe going to the salon to do treatment at least once every month. Alternative, you could do hair mask/hair spa at home. (;

And because i love my hair sooo much, i tends to do like 3-4 times of hair spa/hair mask @ home. The ones that i am currently using or used before are MAGICBOO or Herbal essence (Raspberry & satin) , oh yesh ! personally to me, i think the smell of the hair mask is important too! Cause it really would make my day, (:

And so , i was really glad that i receive an email one day from essential that i am invited to sample their Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask @ Platform salon. And also being one of the 50 ladies to sample it. (:

And so i book my appt, which was today.
And when i reached the place, i saw this pinky corner that is only for the Essential users like us,

What 's more it even have a netbook, to keep you entertain when you're mad bored. And last but not least it come with a pinkpolkadot goodie bag at the end of the day.
Most importantly, the smell of my hair really perks me up, at the end of the process. ! (:

And also, i would like to comment about, platform salon is really awesome ! As in they have good customer service, they would bother to ask : Is the seat alright for you? / Do you want any drink? / Is the water (while washing hair) just nice for you? /Is the massage for the hair to rough?
I mean not everyone would really bother to ask, right? (:
And also i like the location of the salon is in, the quiet ambience, i dont really like salon that is mad crowded, packed with humans.

And well, i think i am pretty much likely to use essential hair mask already.
It smells really nice, even "S" said so. (:

Lastly headed over to Plaza Singapura to catch a moive : ALVIN & CHIPMUNKS with "S".
Is mad funny & cute, i tell you. Suppper love the fat litle chipmunk, hehehe
Alsoalso the fat litle chippet ,is cute lah!
& oh yes, i bought afew items from spotlight again,tsktsk.
Have been heading over to Plaza singapura often lately, @ spotlight & diaso,
so if anyone who is round the corner text me. ! hehehe
And,last of all i enjoyed the whole thing very well. *hints* (:

shall end this post here then.
Sorry for not blogging well,for this post.
I am qquite zommbie now, ):

Platform salon :
#02-25 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road Singapore 058282
T: 63274688/68357819


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