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Sunday, January 25, 2009

YO readers,
just one more day to go for chinese new year yea,
I bet everyone cant wait to get their red packet/ang bao yea.
Well, me too cant wait to get red packets,but everytime i thought of the auntys
,uncles going to question me the usual questions , i am like ZZZZZzzzzz. yea
Bet many knew how i feel too yea,
Wellwell, woke up on time today. And went church with mom & aunt.
After church head-ed to far east plaza, mom brought eyelash glue & we ate carl's Jr for lunch too. (;Then head-ed to granny place, as granny won last night 4D second prize, & she is giving money to all her kids & grandchildrens. ((:

Got an advance red packets by my uncles too, ((:

Then head-ed to my coursin house for family gathering.
Had mini steamboat & sushi platter&Yuesheng&Bbq.
Pictures are all here:




SEE! This is how my mom enjoy the dessert! (:
Then rest awhile at the living room ,
& start cam-whoring with aunt & mom:

Lastly, went over for movies too.
Catch-ed Love Matters together, at kallang leisure park
the show is funny though,

& the moral of the story is, without sex there 's also love.
Sex aisnt everything.
Doesnt mean that if your hubby/wifey/girlf/boyf doesnt want sex, means they doesnt love you anymore. ((:


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