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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday yo, afew more days to CHINESE NEW YEAR.
Wellwell, not very sure why i aisnt sooo excited about it,
seem like something is missing, but i couldnt figure it out...

Wellwell, met up with my buyers today, as they brought some stuff from my blogshop yo,
soo head-ed over to dobhy ghaut mrt control station to wait , in the midst of waiting
saw thunder, chatt& roam around at plaza awhile then buyer came & passed her ,her stuff
then off to meet emily.

After hours of waiting for emily , we head-ed down to cine together to meet up with tracy ah jie.
Hohos,then roam & walked aroun till she came with her kor & friends,

Then head-ed off to far east plaza, tracy ah jie went to meet her band members , while emily & i head-ed to gelare for ice cream waffles, , intended to have british take-aways too, but all take-aways are having longlonglonglong freaking quene. Didnt want to stand there & wait like an idioit though, unless someone is with me ,

Here's what i took before & after of our ice cream waffles. (;

2scoop of icecream(vanilla chocolate chip & cookie cream) with maple sryup.


Slacked awahile at gelare after eating,
Then gabriel & tracy & tracy's kor came along, head-ed to the usual place mogumogu
to slack & chit-chat for awhile then i cabb-ed home again. (;

After i reached home, bathed finish i put mask.
See my funny face when i put mask!
Go on & laugh, cause i think is cute & funny though.
(okok, i am thick-skinned!)


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