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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Having chalet later on,so decided to post one post over here.
If not i wont be updating this few days, due to having chalet on. (;

Weee!! My 18th birthday is arriving like in how many more days....
Wah. Everyone says is soo great to stay at 18, for me i just want to stay put at 17 can?
Cause maybe 17th is the year i receive the best gift ever from you*, knowing you was the greatest gift thru the months.... (:
And awwww, you know what? My poor memory is failing me already.
GRRRrrr,thats what you get when you are getting old. zzZ.

Anyways glad that i hav bestists & friends celebrating my birthday this year together.
Hohos. Excited, Happy is what i mma feeling now....
TATA,got to go prepare myself already. (;
Will blog again soon.

I need a superman now, i mma tired already.
I need someone to allow my head to rest on his shoulders.


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