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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am back to singapore ((;

When batam yesterday evening with momma & friends.
Well, spent a night there at a 5stars hotel, had real fun there.
But a sad case is i didnt have photos to upload. grrrr~

Wellwell, you peeps must be wondering ,i went there for?
Oh i went there for a full body massage ,hair spa and eat the famous seafood at batam.
Is call-ed the 933 live seafood, if i didnt remeber wrongly.

And so, after i have return to singapore.
Head-ed home to change into some casual then head-ed down to
meet up with best friend Eugene & Jianting, went to Bliss for dinner.
Well, i had a light one.
Just a mashed potatoes & dessert Brownie fantasy. YUMYUM!

Aftermaths, slack-ed with Eugene & friends
then cabb-ed home alone . (:


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