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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

May all the good luck befall onto you, Cheers, to my sweet twin (:

Woke up supa early this morning, head-ed to Paya Lebar Singpost for momma's company road show set up. Well, had a pretty good breakfast, guess what i ate?
Hohos,i had Long John Silver Cheese & Egg Sandwich breakfast meal.

Next, cabb-ed down to Momma's office to work as usual.
Pay day is coming, shall chiong for the last few days. HOHOHS!
Plusplus, i want to get another job! I am indeed broke! zzzZ
Just do shopping online, could easily got me broke too. Gosh! Got to put a stop to my shopping first too! xD

Wellwell, lastly head-ed to payalebar to meet up with emily.
Went to city plaza for lunch.
Had Anorlds Fried Chicken,buns and drinks.
Wellwell, people who loves fried chicken Please do not give Anorlds chicken a miss cause i could bet you will definatly fall in love with it! (:
Check out their website at :

Next, went over to far east plaza to walk around to kill our time
then head-ed to plaza singapura to meet up with tracy and her boyf (:
Took some photos today too.
Scroll down for it (:

Happy birthday ,tracy (:

friends that stays (:


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