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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Been awhile since i met up w my old friend,

Woke up early today, intended to have early breakfast w nicholas an old friend of mine,
ended up he overslept. While he was sleeping i went for to Royal pet at ocean park.

Bring my lil furball for grooming ,then to the vet for her last jab!

Oh did i not mention, that someone gave me this lil furball on my birthday?

It was like the best present, cause she was like really adorable ,

you guys will love her as much as i do :

Cute right? Yes she is a shih tzu, ve the most innocent face on earth.

but when she barks, the barking skill was the worst you ever heard.

So annoying! HAHA

(opps. did i not mention she is called PUFFY)

After abt early noon, nicholas woke up finally. And he came over to drive me.

We had beach road prawn mee together & he even drove me to Siglap area to have cakes.

The cakes there was really lovely! Like is cheap & nice in a cafe called : Royals

So this is about 7 cakes we ordered:

I like the mini choco mint in square square really worth it, NICE!

But among all i think the choco fugde is the worst, is really like er..... not nice at all ):

Afterwhich , nicholas dropped me off to novena.

But while driving towards, we cam-whore at almost every traffic light,

and took the best photo of it , so shall end a photo of us.:


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