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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello humans! ^^

Been busy for quite awhile,
gonna post a short one for you guys to envy & drool
all over the tables! ><

LOOK! What i ve got here! ^^
Yessss, is kellogg's rice crips! Is way back then when i last seen this thing!
Gift from a friend of mine, cute or what. Couldnt bear to eat them, keeping them
in a small section of my fridge ! ^^

Yesss and this headband & ribbon ring from one of the vendor in scape too!
The handmade headband i got it at $4 , price is good please. It was intially $6.90 for one, me w/o bargaining the store owner told me he is giving me a good price at $4. Awesome much? (:

Here comes the ones that are gonna make you drool all over your bed tonight!
I got them from cinelesure , the level that has fredperry ,isit level 4?
Store name : Books actually. (if i am not wrong,sorry!)
I really like this store , it has all the vintagey items, like pencil , books, notes,
glasses etc etc. So i pick up these yummy loots, and guess what?
I'm gonna place them in the small section of mine in the fridge. Yes not gonna eat them, they are just too yummy & cute to be eaten asint it? ^^
Will be back soon, for more interesting posts.
Dont leave y blog abandon, check me out again! ^^


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