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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girls day out.

Met charlene babe at braddell mrt station, and head over to this home-based nail salon

that i found out from rachell( ) , just by reading her blog post about how awesome this home based salon is , i am impress! Even better plus impress, after i texted the owner felicia ,of this home based salon about the pricing and appointment. The pricing was so reasonable please, and she wasnt pushy about appointments date! This is what i like, and she is patient+friendly! ^^

And so , Charlene & i both proceed to this lil mini cosy home based nail salon!

Here's what i found on the designs, is sooo yummy please:

Not enough prefer simple , just want colored one? Here's the pretty colors too! ^^

Enough of them, shall allow you to see how it all goes along, w the start charlene will be doing the nails first! ^^

Hard descision making in choosing which design she wants to get:

Let's start this:

Filing of nails:

End product! So girlyyyy n sweet pleaseeee ^^

Next is my turn, but no photos of me while doing. But i am gonna make you envy me, because i have mixture of hellokitty,leopard print & polkadots!

Envy me , jealous of me already? If you did, hurry book a slot for you n your girlfriend(s) to spend the quality time together!

Did i mention, she is so sweet that she serve us drinks that usually even in a normal salon you dont often see such treatment?

For a moment we all thought this drink was made up of plain water,.....

But is definalty not! Is sprite! She even asked if is enough, if not she cld get us chrysanthemum

sooo sweeet right! ^^

Back to it, even she is running late for her appointment w her friend. At the very last min, charlene decided to do her toe nails,

she even make time out for her. So Sweeeetttt please.

I totally like her , impresssssss too! ^^

And soooo we manage to squeeze in for some cam-whoring session too, here's what we took:

So what are you waiting for, hurry book your slots with felicia :

Enough of us, i was starving so much. Imagine i hadnt had time for breakfast, lunch and now is dinner time! Charlene n i thought of Ahjisan at plaza singapura. Here's what we ordered :

Char siew ramen +side dish chicken wing = hannah's (namely me)

Fried chicken stripes in min mayo sauce. ^^

spicy ramen + side dish fried tofu = Charlene's

So again , girls are girls likes to cam-whore anywhere they are:

Next stop: National Musuem

Been talking about it all week long about this exhibition in twitter, and we finally make it ! YEA!

here's some photos i uploaded over here for close up, but if you would like to see full collection,

you may view my facebook album for it, i uploaded the whole collection over there:

Aftermaths, took a cab down to find mom & aunt at parkway .(:


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