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Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a side note,

I miss hanging out with shine(i miss partyying with you, miss you coming over to my place to do our hair, our makeups together before gg to party) . I miss laura( my ang moh best friend, couldnt wait for you to be back honestly, to have tea together n dinner or whateva together. I hope you didnt forget you still gotta bring me over to bontanical gardens, n our cookie museum and my birthday card,and our cupcake class,and our havnt do it shopping trip and and what elsa , i miss your dame big bear hug!) I miss hanging out partying big time with my all time bestie angeline, you dontknow how much i miss going for dinner with you after work, and we do our lil mini shopping! I miss meeting up with my 2nd bestie jiahui, despite i always have last min pop ups and apparently i stood her up afew time she is still like always there for me. i seriously want to meet her up, didnt meant to stood her up, i miss our crazily hyperly flea marketing together,i miss our massive gossips, heart to heart talks that is so endless that i wanted her to stayover at my place. I miss Eugene & Jianting & Ruixiang the happy times we used to go jalan kayu & upper thomas road for roti pratas, the awwesome time you guys make my every nights happy, the times where we wld go yishun dam to slack to. I miss tiffany, someone who share something alike with me apparently you are always so busy hard to date you out for shopping n dinner also. I totally enjoy the times we were at makan sutra talking our hearts out.
I miss bryan, the times we had together was funny,angry ,sad .But afterall you made me happy .You were there when i was upsad. I totally miss the fun we had in the past as well, despite the cold war we used to had. You really is a nice friend.(:
And also the notforgotten clique, i miss my lil pigs clique ( Andy,kaiwen,jj,felicia & oh i miss kelvin oh too) You guys are the one who see me thru my lil ups n down once in my life. I miss the fun we are having. But because as times passes, everyone lead their own life, we tends to forget stuff, but rmbs you guys are nvrnvr forgotten! (:

Okay, i know i seems really random. But i am really missing my girls & guys besties badly. I miss the fun we are having. Despite new group of friends came in my life, you people are never ever once forgotten, i still remember you. Just hope we really have the time spend together again!


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