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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

yesss , as you can see the title of this post. My engery is super drained out today.
Because i woke up like 9am to get myself ready & met felicia and head over to clark quay for photoshoot. Apparently, i didnt did my shoot today, cause i didnt have the feel, so i told the photographer. So only felicia did hers. So accompany-ed her to take her shoots, and head off straight to Cinelesure to meet up with sarah.
Oh, did i mention i did not have breakfast. So you know how hungry i was? So apparently sarah introduced to me this Japanese buffet place at cinelesure:
Ps: forgotten what level it is already, but opp is k-pool. Sorry about that!
So we went in, took our seat. And waitress asking us what drinks we want.
Sarah has blackcurrent drink ,while i had green tea.
Cause i heard when eating oily stuff is best to drink tea?
It helps like to kill the oil or something like that. yep!
So what's cool about this buffet place as compared to sakae sushi is,
You can actually eat anything you want from the menu or from the sushi escalator bar!
where-elsa in sakae you could only have pure-ly sushi! Thats what i like about this place, because i am not a sushi person. So i rather go for sides n desserts n all,
So all you have to do is to tick the item you want, n write the number of quantity you want beside the item, like this:
Ps: despite the charges here is slightly more expensive, but is worth it? Because you get to really
So here's afew plates of what we had on the table:
Mine verdict: YUMYUM, i love the redbean! (((((:
Sarah's verdict: Not bad leh, the peanut one!
Mine verdict : not bad, but i still prefer the one in angmokio hub food court! (:
Sarah 's verdict: I ordered specially for you, your favourite must eat! HAHAHA
Mine verdict : niceeee. (:
Sarah 's verdict: is sooo much better then the one we had at MOF.
Mine verdict : not bad, but why doesnt it look like what it is from the menu?
*feel cheated already*
Sarah verdict: i loveeeeeeeee this maxmaxmax! (:
Bacon roll w shrooms
Sarah's verdict: NICE LEH!
Mine verdict: not bad i like the shrooms ,n the just nice not so crispy not so soft bacon! (:
Lobster roe
Sarah verdict : YUMYUMYUMYUM! (:
My final verdict, if you are not that choosy you could give this buffet place a try. While for me,
i dont think i will drop by again? Is just not up to my standard yet.
Next stop: shop for sandals!
Newurbanmale is having great offers now, purchase min.2 items ( yes ! any two items) and get 50% off for both of each item. Mean is like paying for the price of one? cool right!
So apparently me & sarah we both got our sandals from heereen, & guess who i saw? My friend nicholas tan. Been like really long since i last seen him, n guess what? HE SLIMED DOWN LOH, OHMYG, like out of the sudden so slim pleaseee. i shall dig out his photos one day to show you in the past n compare to now!
Anyway's here some photos we took :

After phototaking with nicholas & bertrrand, we cant help but going to the toliet like how normally every girl is into taking photos in there :

So , i bet you darling is excited what i actually bought today:
here's the total of items of what i got myself today! Spent like an 100++buxxk ):
Gotta prepare n head off to party at butter today with felicia& cherie (:
Blog another time! (:
Ps on a side note : i am super happy today, i got myself like 5 headbands today! (:


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