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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tea Cosy @ plaza singapura
Love hi -tea with your girlies ,and sat on cosy comfy sofa & sipping into tea/lemonade?
Then you should hop on down to plaza singapura, the level that has spotlight, directly beside it
you will see Tea Cosy. Most people like myself & my friends we used to thought it was some shops that sells displays item. But is actually much more then that!!!
They actually serves yummy hi tea, for girls like us who enjoy talking over a cup of tea with our girlies, and the ambience was great, really soothing kinda! (:

We chopchop a seat , next to us was ms&mr teddies having tea& cupcakes session.
You should really pop by and see how lovely they are! (((:

Time to flip thru the menu,
insert------>oooo, by the way here's the price list for the hi -tea! (: (:
seeee laura smiling so happily, is like finally tea session! hahah
Here's come savoury & sweet treats! (((:

sliced orange with fats. The feeling is kinda of *werid* ? I am not a fats person.

toast with ham&pineapple, salmon,prawn salad in shot,shredded duck meat.

mininature carrot cake,sponge & chocolate cakes

mini scones with butter & jams! (;
Ending picture of us! (:


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