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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Did you spook the town last night,or are you at the dancefloor devouring me up/becoming my next meal?

A vampire's aura.

I hope everyone had a blast last night! (;

So i actually put in great effort for this haloween house party over at laura's (Psss;Is also our virgin year celebrating haloween) . Went over to do my hair at Aunty Tandra's salon then off to ion with kenneth to meet my favourite girl, Tiffany to go to do my haloween make over at ion sephora .

With tiffany & me :

The price of make up is only$20 but well spent!!! (:

Oh did i mention that i did my hair for only $28, is super chic, unforunatly i cldnt / didnt take a picture of my hair! But well, at least i know for my hair n face is well spent!

And opps! i also went to pick up brownie at P.OSH , to bring over to laura's. (:

Not long after the 3 of us reached laura's, and there people who are earlier then us already.And i guess i will let the photos do the talking instead, :Host laura & me (:

Behind scene of dressingup:

Ta----daaaahhhh! Dressed! (:

Pssssss; did i say someone came as an iphone 4? *giggles*

Vampire & monsterr (:

I like this makeover, kinda of cool. HHAH

Sexy lil kittten, FBI, Lolita maid.

Look closely ! I totally love her make up, this kitten is cute! (:

Lolita maid & feat cleopatra; queen of haloween. ((:

Lolita maid & vampire ((((:

The lovely girls :

Pocohontas( my all gtime fav cartoon), french maid, Cleopatra,Police,Fairy.

The boys :

doctor or surgeon? , Iphone 4, batman & Monster , justin bieber, batman

Monsters, fairies , time to gobble /munch/chew enjoy some food! (:

French friesssss xD

Hotdogs/or mini *AHEM* ? haha,

Yummy tuna for you? (:

bet you didnt know monster,vampires faires ate sushi platters! haha

Even monsters,fairies love being healthy!Q HHA

YUMYYY pasta , made by a lovely fairy called laura.(:

Cupcakes for you?

Brownie ((:

Bloody jelly with stinky/sticky worms....

Drinks for you?

Did i mention how do we drink the liqour with no mixer, !

Game time :

Ard 9plus i left laura's place to cabbed over to ph to find my best friend angeline,

club till 5.50am, reached homed at 7am! (:


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