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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A day out with the girls,

Feat ; hannah (namely me) , Ellen, Laura & tiffany & Amelia

Is saturday today, & i am soo happy & excited about it.
Cause am going out with the girls, Exspecially tiffany.! (:
Firstly, met ellen in the morning for some part time job briefing & made a new friend named dallas! (:
After briefing the 3 of us, went to amoy street food market for brunch, had their so called famous lor mee .

But my verdict is : Is not very awesome. Really disappoints me, so i didnt finish. After few mouthful i stop.
Afterwhich, dallas drop us off the nearest mrt station while we head over to fep to meet her friend amelia.
The girls went for manicure while i waited, is kinda of boring tho, but ohwells.
Anyways, i took photo of Ellen & amelia. Here's the two sweet girls:

After rounds of walking round of fep, we are pretty much bored by it, & also is time to send amelia off to the mrt station . Ellen & i head over to ion the soup spoon to have a rest, & to grab a light bite!
I can say the bun is yummmmyyyyyy!! xDD & also the soup is yummmy too. hee ((:

About half an hour to an hr later ,laura & tiffany came, headed over to plaza singapura food court together for dinner! (:
Breakfast set for me & Grilled fish for tiffany

ellen's all time favourite ban mian & Laura's favourite noodle , dumpling noodles

After having dinner, is time to shop for laura's tinkerbell material.

Had a good time in spotlight, sourcing n comparing prices of the material (;
Then after buying the material, is time to pamper us for the hardwork we put in. We had our all time favourite:

-----------Afterwhich, i still hav craving for something sweet. And i really want to go back to ice cream man, also to bring ellen & tiffany back there. So we really went back there! (:

Pictures are here here here!

Waffles in maple sauces . Ice cream flavours : Caramel popcorn & Horlicks chip

Chocolate milkshake
laura & hannah verdict: YUMYUM, is super chocolatey! YEA

soon later desmond arrive, played afew rounds of uno game, then gg the girls wanted to head home.
Desmond drop both me & tiffany at esplanade, as we wanted to catch up on some girls talk n heart to heart talks (:
Went to makan sutra for some drink n light bite before heading home.
coconut ddrink & fried chao kway tiao! (:

Home sweet home @ 2.45am


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